How to make Love to an Allure High Class Woman

How to make Love to a Woman

Posted March 3, 2014
Beautiful women are gentle creatures that thrive on gentleness; gentle thoughts, gentle feelings, and gentle actions. Gentleness creates harmony and from harmony is born beauty, therefore to make love with a beautiful woman, you must be gentle. Women are attracted to men’s power, and truly powerful men control themselves; to become, gentle-men.

Therefore to make love with an Allure High Class Auckland Woman, you must first be a gentleman. Any man can have sex, but only a gentleman can make love.

To have a truly enjoyable time, first start with dinner at a fine restaurant with small to moderate sized and delicious meals. Love making is best after a little food, so don’t overeat. A little wine is also in order, but only just enough to relax. You need to be fully aware to be a good lover.

Initiate conversation and respond to conversation with visible expressions. Watch her mouth and eyes. Be interested in what is offered and find points to agree on. If you only have one point of view, you are narrow-minded. Try to understand the others point of view and you will put everyone at ease. Take notice of her clothes and compliment her on anything you genuinely find attractive. Be relaxed and real. Smile. Be patient and considerate. Treat her like a lady.

When you arrive back to the hotel room, remember to be gentle with her. If you can, darken the room, light some candles and put on some beautiful music. Admire her beauty and gently caress her. Perhaps at first a stroke of your finger across her hand whist you comment on her beauty. Take your time. Your focus should be her pleasure. Gently kiss her and touch her. Remember her hands, her arms, her back, behind her knees and her feet. She likes to feel appreciated all over. Kissing is a gentle dance of the lips, entailing a touching, a nibbling and a lingering. Eventually the tip of your tongue may sensitively protrude, exploring and retreating, in yet another gentle dance.

Pay attention to her. Does she relax and move closer. Is she responding positively to you actions? This will guide you forward as you slowly build up her intensity. Remember you want her to be yearning for you before you enter her so that she is well prepared and no discomfort occurs. When you finally enter her, control your rhythm, go slow with occasional faster thrusting. Woman generally do not like lots of fast thrusting, so be mostly gentle, loving and slow with occasional speed. Try seven slow thrusts and one quick thrust, then six slow thrusts and one quick thrust, then five slow thrusts and one quick thrust, etc. up and down from a count of seven. Remember to kiss her and caress her as well. Woman really do prefer to have their whole body appreciated.