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Double the Fun

Double the Fun!

Posted Oct 27, 2016
Have you ever dreamed of having two beautiful ladies [...]
The Seductress

The Seductress

Posted Sept 13, 2014
The seductress is a part of every woman but [...]
Saying YES

Why Woman Say YES

Posted Sept 12, 2014
Of course woman naturally love sex. With the appropriate [...]
Touch Me

Touch Me

Posted April 26, 2014
Allure ladies love to be touched [...]
How to make Love to an Allure High Class Woman

How to make Love to a Woman

Posted March 3, 2014
Beautiful women are gentle creatures that thrive on gentleness; gentle thoughts, gentle feelings, and gentle [...]
High Class Auckland Escort - A Dream Come True

It's a Dream

Posted February 23, 2014
Having an Allure High Class Escort is like a dream come true. Imagine the very best a woman can offer [...]

Hot - Hot - Hot

Posted February 15, 2014
Once will never be enough with this remarkable lady. Sophia is a stunning blonde with an hourglass figure [...]
High Class Auckland Escorts are Elemental

Go for it – It’s Elemental

Posted November 28, 2013
Allure ladies are an opportunity to explore a beautiful and attentive sexual woman in her prime. Few men can [...]

Live Life - Love Life

Posted September 9, 2013
I have always had a passion for life, that is to say a passion for the sensations and feelings of [...]

It's Always Interesting

Posted August 29, 2013
Have you ever noticed that as soon as you understand something, you lose interest in it? For instance [...]

What Men Want

Posted July 19, 2013
Based on my successful experiences as an Allure High Class Auckland Escort, I believe that what men want [...]

It's a Lifestyle

Posted June 7, 2013
No doubt escorting is not for everybody, but for me, it is a lifestyle I love. Firstly I love [...]
High Class Auckland Escorts kissing in pool

Wishing for More

Posted May 21, 2013
As far as I know, we only live once, so I decided not so long ago, to live life to the [...]
High Class Auckland Escort ready for gentlemen

The Men We Meet

Posted May 15, 2013
We categorize the men we meet into handsome, ugly, gentle/kind and rough/selfish. We do not mind [...]