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Legal Conditions

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Linking policy

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This website is intended to provide entertainment to the adult public, and all reasonable measures have been taken to ensure its quality and desired accuracy. However, Allure Escorts:
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You are hereby informed of our policy to support the anonymity of our clients, our ladies and us.
  • We do not take images or audio recordings of clients at any time, either remotely or in person. Further to this, we respect the requests of our clients and will only contact them, if allowed, via text, voice, or email, as is their expressed requirements. We will not discuss or disclose clients identity to third parties.

  • It is well known that Escorts adopt aliases in an effort to remain anonymous. This method was sufficient in the past, however with advancements in internet searching, it is now possible to fully identify and locate people from their image/s. This has occurred to several of our ladies in the past, and culminated in legal action (Harassment order) to regain their privacy. To ensure this does not happen again, we offer our high profile ladies, the choice to use look-a-like images, of close representation, to secure their anonymity. It is our intention, to significantly match their images, so that clients have an honest representation of the lady they are contracting, and we formally apologise, if at any time you come to believe, we have fallen short of our intention.

  • Clients agree not to discuss us on internet forums or message boards. Further to this, they agree not to comment to any media about us, nor to identify our physical location, whether generally or specifically, to anyone what so ever. Any comments about us, made public by clients, may be interpreted as defamation with full recourse under the law. Note: Any client, or prospective client, who does not wish to conform to this condition, is not welcome. We only welcome gentlemen.

Duty of Care

The relationship between Allure ladies and the gentlemen who contract them contains a duty of care towards each other. This is a requirement to act towards each other with attention and prudence, so as to ensure any actions or omissions in no way harm each other.

If the duty of care is breached by the gentleman, then the lady is entitled to terminate the contract without refunding any monies. Likewise, if the duty of care is breached by the lady, then the gentleman is entitled to terminate the contract with an appropriate refund.

The following situations are deemed to breach the duty of care.
  • Drunkenness.
  • Abuse causing emotional distress.
  • Any failure to exercise the care that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in like circumstances.